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February 6- March 6, 2015

Opening reception February 6 , 6-9 PM

Trial Size is an exhibition of small abstract sculptural works. The title comes from the size of the works and from their prototype-scale model like qualities. I treated these pieces like tests and gave myself some limitations. The number of decisions, colors, and materials and time constriction are some examples of these limitations. With this, I was able to maintain a kind of openness from which narrative possibilities can develop. I'm interested in letting materials interact in ways that suggest relationships. I wanted the gallery to feel like an imagined landscape or place inhabited by objects whose scale as a group create a place of the imagination. Small and miniature objects tend to lend themselves to the imagination. When I think of objects of the imagination, I think of the surrealist's use of psychic automatism and random association to create form. I also think of Eva Hesse's absurd objects and Franz West's Appendages.


Lily Hanson lives and works in Dallas, Texas. She was born in New Hampshire and lived there until attending college in 1990. She received her BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA in 1995 where she focused on printmaking and sculpture. She moved to Dallas in 1998 to attend Southern Methodist University receiving her MFA in 2000. Solo exhibitions of her work include Re Gallery, And/Or Gallery, The Conduit Gallery, The University of Dallas Haggerty Gallery, Eastfield College, and Moutainview College in Dallas, The Cactus Bra in San Antonio, and The Lawndale Center for the Arts in Houston. She has also been part of group shows in Dallas, Forth Worth, Beaumont, Marfa, San Diego, and New York. She received The Dozier Travel Grant from The Dallas Museum of Art in 2007. Hanson used the grant to visit The Sculpture Project in Muenster, Germany, Documenta in Kassel, Germany and The Venice Biennial. Her work experience includes teaching as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University, Eastfield College, and Vermont College. She worked at the Dallas Museum of Art from 2001-2006 as both full time and contract preparator. Currently, Lily works as a private chef and pastry cook. She has a studio at The Shamrock Studios in East Dallas where she has worked for 13 years.