Intstitutional Insights - The Newsletter of Epitome Institute

Vol.1, Issue 1, 2013, The Centennial Year of the Institute


Thanks to everyone who has visited the Institute in this, our centennial year.

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Jimmie Hudson: Estate Sale

September 6 through 28

Reception September 6, 6 to 9 PM

Much can be learned of a human life by what is left behind. Estate sales expose the physical remains of a life lived. The mundane and the exquisite, the decorative and the functional, stripped of all sentiment, are displayed and offered to the objective gaze of the public. This body of work, Estate Sale, hopes to engage the viewer in a critique of the objects we possess and what they reveal about our values and aesthetics.



Thirteen Artists: Monstruo Pérfido

October 12 through 27

Reception October 12, 6 to 9 PM

Eptitome Institue, 13th floor

During the reception we will have a Salon of Superstition and Two-sentence Horror Story Readings

A treacherous monster would never open an umbrella inside the building...or would she?
Join us for the misadventure that may ensue.

Anyone can participate by reading an original two-sentence horror story on October 12 at 7:30PM.

We hope you will participate.
Up to 3 stories per esteemed author.


This will be the first November in the history of the Institute in which we did not constuct an ossuary of the bones of critics and curators. Instead, we present:

Mike Stoltz

November 9 - 23

Reception November 9, 6 to 9 PM


Callida Borgnino: New Works
Illustrative, allegorical landscapes

December 6 - 29

Opening reception December 6, 6 to 9 PM

The year, so far, in review:
Visitors to the Institute Have Been Around the Block

   In March, visitors dabbled about the neighborhood to the drum beat of Mardi Gras Indian drummer, Mr. Williams. Orange feathers are still turning up, left in a trail behind Flag Boy Twin. Andrea Caillouet's baubles and beads, mere shadows of their former selves, were bothered and bewildered but these are minor matters quite thrown into the shade by the dirty business of May.

The attentive eye of the the critic who wrote about this show has scarcely any living equal, certainly no living superior.

Driveby Poet

   In April, our dear strangers were assailed by a gang of rhapsodists, rhymers and versifiers from the bed of a pickup truck, led by 2013 NEA Poetry Fellow Jenny Browne and artist Katie Pell. Let us just say that the haiku tattoos peaking from our cuffs were forcibly inscribed upon us and we are better persons for it.

Dirty Business

  In May, bugs were found hidden in the work of Suzanne Paquette. The fact that they were endangered bugs does not reduce the breach of privacy that they may pose for the Institute, which also experienced leaks. Who placed the bugs remains unclear. The likely source of the leaks is a shadowy whistleblower seen running from the roof. We would like to invite that whistleblower to come forward and perform in a Salon of Derring-do.

The perceptive eye of the the critic who wrote about this show has scarcely any living equal, certainly no living superior.


  Mike Addkison of ADAPTEResponder Designs accomplished a cheeky transmogrification of Odalisque to Thinker/ Thinker to Odalisque in June.



   Cyndi Rook curated a show of Canadian photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur's work in July, which was chosen by Glasstire as one of the Top 5 Art Events in Texas for the week of July 11. That's nothing to joke about.


Dear patrons, this is just The Tip Of The Iceberg. Thank you for supporting this pseudonymous undertaking. We hope to see you in at the Institute for our upcoming shows.