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February 15 - March 2, 2014


Artemesia Snow

Opening reception February 15, 6 to 9 PM


Audio clip: World's Largest Toe

"Take away the shame and guilt and there'd be no Hamlet."
D.H. Lawrence.


Carnival barkers lure the crowd into the sideshows depicted on these posters from an old carnival of shadowy emotions.

Emotions or passions of the soul have been studied by Plato, Agrippa, Descartes, Darwin, and Freud, yet no universally accepted theory of emotion exists.

To understand something, one must be able to make a model of it.

Try making a model of Proust's "oceanic joy."

According to Plato, wonder is the prime emotion. All others are nuances of a color wheel, spinning off French ennui, German schadenfreude, Norwegian Forelsket.

Albrecht Dürer depicted Melancholy as an introspective winged genius accompanied by an emaciated dog. The caricature of the artist as melancholic, mad genius, driven by emotion, has been reinforced by the story of Van Gogh and exaggerated in a doggedly pragmatic American culture.

In a culture that has a basic distrust of emotion and introspection, artists, musicians and poets are allowed, even expected, to express emotion in their work, though they may still be looked at askance, like the townsfolk might look at a carnie.






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