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March 8 - April 13, 2014

Five for Five: Revisiting the Senses

Dr. Chassis Gertrude Gaytan, Curator

We relate to our world by way of our senses.

Acting as physiological channels which process information, the senses identify our environment and our position within it.

Each of the five traditionally recognized senses--taste, hearing, smell, touch and sight--has an independent function. And yet, these faculties integrate and communicate as they perceive stimuli.

The objective of Five for Five is to examine the interconnectivity between the senses.

What if, for example, a particular sense was waning, lost or in a retrograde flow? If someone loses the ability to hear, would she not further develop movement detection? Why is it when one bites into a spicy habanero pepper, his eyes begin to tear? A perception is recognized; data is provided. But how?

What if she tastes yellow, he sees pain and I ear warm?

These five artists have been invited to address an individual sense and explore possibilities of the multi-sensory system and their cross-modal effects:

Artemesia Snow--Taste

Erik Sanden--Hearing

Todd Michael Fichter--Smell

Mary Eisendrath--Touch

Meg Langhorne--Sight

Join us as the potentially wild world of synesthesia engulfs the tiny encyclopedic space of the Epitome Institute.







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